#weCanculturejam: Re-inventing the future of Canadian culture together

On Saturday November 19, 2016 we hosted the #weCanculturejam event at Ryerson’s TransMedia Zone.

In partnership with the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport the day featured a dynamic assortment of content producers, creatives and enthusiastic young people.  the event was structured around two guiding questions:

  1.  How might we create content by Canadians for Canadians?

  2. How might we create content by Canadians for the World?

The #weCanculturejam keynote address by JJ Johnson of Sinking Ship Entertainment really sparked our creative juices, surely enhancing some of the final pitches we received by the end of the day.  As the Ministry of Canadian Heritage continues the nation-wide Canadian Content in a Digital World consultation process, at Ryerson we continue to keep young people at the core of the conversation around the future of Canadian content.  An amazing outcome of this whole nation-wide consultation process is the creation of regular youth interfacing portal or mechanism in which young content creators can regularly submit ideas for content creation and ways to enhancing Canadian content.  Such an idea would need to be supported by a dedicated team who can directly interface with eager young content creators who want to have a say in future productions.  Want to see all the day’s highlights? Check them out here

Mark V. Campbell