#DigiCanCon Consultations, what was heard across Canada


The feedback from the Ministry of Canadian Heritage has been reported back.  Find the full report here:


Below is an excerpt of some of the salient issues that arose from the consultation

In exploring the concepts and issues raised by consultation contributors, the following emerged as salient areas for further exploration and development:

  • Through both public policy and perception, reposition the cultural sector as an engine of economic growth and innovation in Canada.
  • Develop clear definitions of what qualifies as Canadian content and Canadian creators, as participants were unable to come to a consensus on a definition.
  • Further explore regulatory implications and possible regulatory changes, such as changes to Canadian content rules for TV and radio and changes to policy on co-productions and international agreements.
  • Revamp intellectual property legislation to ensure that creators are legally entitled to their fair share of the profit generated by their work.
  • Enable access to high speed broadband Internet for all Canadians.
  • Review public funding programs to allow more flexibility in what is funded and how it is funded to make them more efficient and accessible to a broader range of creators. Allow for funding at different points in the creative process and embrace co-production and hybrid funding models.
  • Ensure that funding criteria strike the right balance between profitability and cultural value. Reserve funding for official languages and Indigenous and cultural and linguistic groups that are important to the fabric of Canadian culture and heritage.
  • Create, communicate and promote a strong and identifiable brand for the Canadian cultural sector both at home and abroad.
  • Review the current legislative framework for cultural policy to bring it in line with the digital environment, including the mandates and make-up of the CRTC and CBC/Radio-Canada. It is important that this encompass both present and future environments.
  • Encourage risk and multisector collaboration to spur innovation.