About Us

The Need

Canada is at an important juncture in the technological, social, political and economic evolution of its cultural sector:

  • All levels of government are making new investments in policy and vision for culture.
  • Companies in the creative industries are charting new strategies to compete internationally.
  • Cultural organizations and individual creators face new challenges and decisions.

With strong desire to envision bold new cultural realities, there is a growing need for trustworthy information, actionable strategies and balanced answers to important questions.

Our Solution

The FCAD Forum for Cultural Strategies at the Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD) is an innovation hub for actionable strategies to strengthen the cultural sector in Canada.

Recognizing that creative expression and engagement are at the core of the sector, we bring together creators, strategists, researchers, policy makers and educators from across Canada to analyze, discuss and respond to key challenges. As a collective of diverse thinkers and doers, we design and share actionable strategies for individuals, groups and organizations that engage with or create culture.

The goal of the FCAD Forum is to inform and improve decision­-making at all levels in the cultural industries through neutrality, dialogue, research and dissemination.

Our Activities

Each year, the FCAD Forum for Cultural Strategies produces:

  • Annual Summit for Cultural Leaders
  • Speaker Series
  • Summer Institute
  • Whitepapers and Knowledge Mobilization
  • Workshops, design jams and ideation sessions

We also work with organizations, institutions and individuals to plan and execute events that align with our mission and advance the dialogue, research and dissemination of cultural strategies.

Cultural strategy leadership starts here. Meet our affiliated researchers and our network of associates from across the sector whose insights and knowledge are helping to generate and disseminate knowledge and ideas for the future of culture.

Why Ryerson, and why FCAD?

The FCAD Forum for Cultural Strategies is based at the Faculty of Communication and Design (FCAD) at Ryerson. Building on seven decades of leadership in the creative industries and cultural sector –  spanning performance, photography, film, fashion, media, journalism, graphic communication, professional communication, production – FCAD is at the centre of a vast network of alumni, business leaders and researchers who are defining new paths forward in their fields. Infused with youthful and diverse perspectives of students and the broader community, the FCAD Forum is the embodiment of a cultural community at FCAD that is ambitious and ready for the future.

Contact us directly to find out how to get involved and how we can help.