Our Activities

Key Research Questions + Projects

At the FCAD Forum, we are addressing important questions of cultural policy and cultural strategy through a combination of activities: facilitating dialogue among diverse parties on the one hand, and commissioning and undertaking original research on the other. We provide trustworthy information, actionable strategies and balanced answers to important questions facing the cultural sector.

In our inaugural year, we are addressing key questions within three major themes:

  1. Diversity and inclusion
  2. Youthful perspectives of Canadian Culture
  3. Emerging markets


Below are some of the past conversations we’ve had.

Canadian Culture in a Digital World Consultation

As the Department of Canadian Heritage consulted across Canada on their new cultural policy, we invited Minister Joly to hear the views of our dynamic student body at the Faculty of Communication and Design on Feb, 09, 2017

Our Director, Dr. Mark V. Campbell joined the TVO panel discussion hosted by Nam Kiwanuaka on the success of the award winning films Fences and Moonlight


We sponsored the #150Futures Conference held by Northside Hip Hop Archive in November 2017.

Dr. Mark V. Campbell invited a number of leading scholars in Hip Hop Studies from Montreal, Chicago, Boston, Ottawa and Regina.  Check out the event program below

Dr. Irene Berkowitz,  Our Cultural Policy Fellow has been busy engaging in a number of critical conversations around #CreativeCanada

3…2…1 CanBrand lift-off: Did we just become THE place? (December 12, 2017):
Explainer: the term “Netflix tax” (Dec 11, 2017):
Hey industry: Let’s be clear about the “Netflix tax.”​ (December 7, 2017):







The Museum Accessibility, Inclusion and Engagement Collaborative

The Museum Accessibility, Inclusion and Engagement Collaborative (MAIEC), is a 12-month mentorship program for emerging museum professionals from diverse communities in Peel Region that uses community-based research to develop and implement cultural initiatives to address the needs of underserved and underrepresented communities in Peel.  Our research explores the implications and impacts of supporting diversity initiative innovations within public museums across Ontario.  Partnered with the Royal Ontario Museum, The Ontario Museum Association and the Canadian Centre for Diversity and Inclusion, we are excited to explore questions around:

–> The internal and external forces that shape how equity, diversity and inclusion are engaged in museums

–> How museums regionally compare in their approaches to diversity and audience engagement across Ontario

–> What ecosystem is necessary for emerging museum professionals to successfully initiate and engage in equity, diversity and inclusion projects?

This project is generously supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.


The Cultural Leaders Laboratory (CLL)


Partnered with the Toronto Arts Council and Banff Centre, the Cultural Leaders Lab evaluation and research partnership explores the multiple meaning of leadership and cultural leadership in the arts.  Over the course of three years, using data from three cohorts this project seeks to  understand best practices in the development of cultural leadership in the Toronto arts scene.

Through our year 3 engagements and interviews we ask:

What kinds of soft infrastructure is essential to holistically nurture and support the development of diverse forms of cultural leadership within the Toronto arts ecosystem?