Irene Berkowitz

Cultural Policy Fellow

​I​rene Berkowitz is a media policy expert focused on the Canadian media system's transition to the online era. Her perspectives are often requested by publications including The Globe and Mail, Playback, CBC, and betakit.

Dr. Berkowitz also designs and teaches popular graduate courses in Ted Rogers School of Management MBA program and RTA School of Media, working at the intersections of media, brand and digital shift. She received a PhD from Ryerson University Communication and Culture in 2016, and previous degrees from the University of Chicago and Cornell University. Her PhD research, called “trailblazing,” which examined the critical role of development in Canadian TV drama, attracted national attention during CRTC’s proceeding on Canadian TV in the Internet era, Let’s Talk TV.

Berkowitz is recognized for conceptual and strategic contributions in the regulator’s key decision following this proceeding, The Way Forward (CRTC 2015-86). Berkowitz was a delegate to 2016 Singularity University Executive Program in Mountain View, California, purposed to assist leaders to respond to 21st century exponentially accelerating technologies.