Mark V. Campbell

Mark Campbell

Mark is adjunct professor at the RTA School of Media and Director at the FCAD Forum for Cultural Strategies.

Expect creativity, technology and strategic thinking.

Mark is adjunct professor at the RTA School of Media and Senior Research Associate at the Cultural Strategies Forum at FCAD. Mark is a former Banting Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Regina’s Department of Fine Arts. As a scholar, DJ and advocate of the arts, with more than a decade of radio experience Mark mixes his creative work with his scholarly publications. His research interests include; Afrodiasporic theory and culture, Canadian hip hop cultures, DJ cultures, afrosonic innovations and  community development projects. In the community, Mark is a Board member with the Ontario Arts Council,  Community Arts Committee member with the Toronto Arts Council,  founding director at Northside Hip Hop Archive and also a co-founder of the non-profit arts organization, Nia Centre for the Arts which celebrates arts from across the African diaspora.

Mark has been invited to performance lecture in Germany, the United States and in various cities in Canada.


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